Lakeland Electric Customers Can Opt Out of New Meters

Utility officials had resisted an opt-out program for months and said they planned to require every customer to have a smart meter.

But the utility backtracked after increasing concerns from customers across the country and in Lakeland about excess radiation and invasion of privacy.

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  1. Hamida says:

    FPL has an option to opt out of the parorgm, which Sarasota County is considering. Individual account holders may opt out for themselves, however, by contacting FPL and requesting it but only after jumping some hurdles dealing with the company, will they will grant opting out. A customer calling to request opting out is told that a return call must be received from a representative of FPL in order to be opted out. Although one need not state a reason other than asserting that they prefer to opt out, the FPL representative attempts to discourage opting out and questions why it was requested. When I called I declined to state a reason and the representative kept me on the line for some time trying to get me to state one and resorted to presenting arguments against what must be frequent reasons stated. I continued to state that I simply desired to opt out and would like to be put on that list until the FPL representative gave up. As well as concerns about the radio frequency, objections include the data being gathered about customer use and being broadcast every few hours to FPL and the potential misuse of it. This is not planned as a once a month reading, it will be continuous and data about customer use will be compiled and stored without the customers knowing its use. Seems that nowadays everyone is compiling records and tracking our activities, giving rise to concerns about privacy of personal data! Many jobs will be lost as meter readers are replaced. It would be preferable for the county to make a wholesale opt out, but if customers would prefer it, they need to request opting out and stick to their guns, to assure it.

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