Fairfield, Iowa residents win total victory in fight against wireless water meters

SUMMARY: Great news, from Fairfield, Iowa!

The Fairfield group has won a total victory in its fight against wireless water meters:  http://fairfield-ia.villagesoup.com/news/story/city-to-halt-plan-for-radio-read-water-meters/899422?cid=2085344.  The city is going to reimburse citizens for opt-out fees, remove wireless meters upon request at no cost, and resume manual reading of water meters.


[Iowa] Fairfield Ledger: City to halt plan for radio-read water meters

Posted on September 21, 2012

By DONNA SCHILL CLEVELAND Ledger staff writer |

Fairfield water department superintendent Carl Chandler shared a proposal to halt implementation of radio-read water meters and to reimburse citizens for opt-out fees for the meters Wednesday night during a Water & Sewer Utilities Committee meeting at city hall.

In addition, Chandler proposed the one-third of residents with radio-read water meters have the right to have them removed by the water department at no cost.

Chandler met with Mayor Ed Malloy and city administrator Kevin Flanagan to come to a decision on the matter, and said their reasons for moving away from radio-read meters were two-fold.


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