FLORIDA: At least 14,000 have REFUSED “Smart” Meters!


Why is there so much conflicting information about how many Floridians have refused “smart” meter installation? Is it because industry (and its captured “regulators”) seek to minimize growing ratepayer opposition to the “smart” meter/grid rollout?

Our folks attending the PSC “workshop” in Tallahassee on 9/20/12 heard industry/PSC spokespeople state that 18,000 customers are on the “delay” list.

Meanwhile, FlaglerLive.com is reporting a slightly lower figure:

FPL Begins Installing Smart Meters in Flagler as PSC Takes on Devices’ Emitted Controversies


“So far, about 14,000 customers, or 0.3 percent of FPL’s total customer base, have refused smart meter installation.”


BOTTOM LINE: CHASM urges you to refuse the “smart” meter. 


FPL acknowledges having replaced 3,500 “smart” meters


FPL agreed. The power company has confirmed it has replaced about 35-hundred smart meters after customer complaints.



Are Smart Electrical Meters A Smart Choice?


July 26, 2012 11:36 PM


Isaiah Brock is a retired Air Force Sergeant who lives in South Miami-Dade.

He says shortly after FPL installed smart meters in his neighborhood, he started feeling sick and added, “It caused me to lose sleep. It caused me to have a whole bunch of headaches. I couldn’t get my work done because I was constantly feeling sleepy and tired.”

He blames the wireless transmissions from the new meters.

“I think it’s come from either the radiation or the microwaves, that’s what these things put out when they have the smart meters in there,” said Brock.

Brock asked FPL to remove his new smart meter and replace it with an older model. Several neighbors also asked that their smart meters be replaced.

FPL agreed. The power company has confirmed it has replaced about 35-hundred smart meters after customer complaints.

Dr. Kallem worries about another ‘feature’ of the wireless meters. If we can track and intercept the meter’s signals, hackers can too.

“In simple language if a hacker wants to intercept the communications and modify it, modify the reading as, they can modify it before sending it to FPL. That’s wireless and that is the nature of wireless communications,” said Dr. Kallem.

“There is no such thing as 100% security so that means given time anything can be hacked,” said Dr. Kallem, who added hackers might even be able to turn off your home’s electricity.

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